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Battery Husky/Itron MP 2500/FS2 & FS3 Details



Battery Husky/Itron MP 2500/FS2 & FS3

MP2500 / FS2 & FS3

Item Code

HIT2500C / M

OEM Part Number


Battery Type

Ni-Cad / NiMH




1400mAh / 2700mAh


Husky/Itron MP 2500 Battery Description

HIT2500C/M is the Scanner Batteries item code for the Husky / Itron OEM part numbers F-2049-1000, F-2040-1000-02, H-2040-0021, P-2040-0022 used to power the Husky / Itron MP2500 & FS2 / FS3 handheld devices.

How to Order

If you wish to place an order or require a quotation please email us on sales@Scanner-Batteries.co.uk

What is a NiMH battery?

A Nickel Metal Hydride Battery, also referred to as a Ni-MH or NiMH battery, is a rechargeable battery that is capable of holding more power that a NiCd battery and suffers much less from memory effect. It is also typically more expensive than a NiCd battery.



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